Being strong, fit & flexible is the key to achieving the ultimate goal of oneness with your horse. Let us help you get in shape!!

Physically ~ Mentally ~ Emotionally

Our personally designed workout routines combine strength-training exercises with basic yoga moves. We can help bring you closer to your equestrian goals... What are you waiting for?!?!

Some of the benefits of training like the equestrian athlete you are:

- Improved balance and coordination

- Increased strength, flexibility & endurance

- Improved breathing, body awareness & focus

Novice and Weekend Riders will appreciate the exercises designed to reduce aches, pains, & the big bonus - reduced injuries.

Returning Riders will find that our workouts will help to refresh their muscles' memory.

Expert Riders will discover a new edge - ways to hone their riding skills OFF the horse.

You don't have to be a boarder at QuarDream Equestrian Centre to take part in this service!

Please call (519) 323-1319 for a consultation.

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